A word from Amanda

Welcome to this week’s instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

It’s almost a month until Christmas and I don’t know about you, but Xmas seems to be everywhere I look already. Adverts on TV, Christmas decorations in all the shops, Turkeys and stuffing on sale at M&S – I’m just waiting for the radio to start banging out Slade (earplugs at the ready…)

Of course, I get that we all had a rubbish Christmas last year and 2021 is all about making amends. But I don’t necessarily appreciate being encouraged to start shopping so early, to claw back business that was lost in 2020.

Now I haven’t put up the Xmas tree yet, however I have started planning Xmas parties and get-togethers with friends and family. Most importantly, I have begun assembling my annual “Gift Ideas Lists for Him and Her”. Hopefully, they’ll provide some ideas and inspiration for those you find ‘difficult to buy for”.

Over the coming weeks, we will discuss office Xmas party outfits, NYE outfits and the inevitable Xmas jumper trend. And if you’re looking for outfits for the upcoming holidays, there’s only one place to go.


Zara has been voted the World’s Official Favourite brand in 2021 – dominating 37 countries and the most Googled shop on the planet. And yes, it’s my absolute favourite store EVER.

A fascinating remodelled world map reveals the world’s most popular fashion brands in 2021 – and it’s Zara that takes the top spot.

Here’s a list of the most popular brands in the world.

1. Zara 37 (countries it’s most-Googled brand)

2. Nike 36

3. Zalando 14

4. Fashion Nova 13

5. Asos 13

6. Gucci 10

7. Adidas 7

8. H&M 7

9. Chanel 5

10. Next 2

11. Dior 2

12. Uniqlo 2

13. Tommy Hilfiger 1

14. Lululemon 1

15. Yeezy 1

16. Louis Vuitton 1

17. Macy’s 1

Source:  Money.co.uk