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As the nights start to draw in and summer becomes a distant memory, we all want to get cosy on the sofa and return to slaying the complete Netflix catalogue. I don’t know about you, but since lockdown, Netflix has become a gargantuan fixture in my life. In fact, I barely watch regular TV anymore.

Now, unless you’ve been living on a desert island (or haven’t paid your TV licence), you can’t fail to have caught wind of the MOST STREAMED NETFLIX SERIES EVER – “Squid Game”. The gruesome Korean Game, in which the winner can walk away with £20,00000.

I’ll stop there, because I’m pretty sure you don’t want any spoilers. Although EVERYONE I know binged the complete series in one weekend, so there are precious few people out there remaining to be “spoiled”. Squid Game was only released on September 17 and it’s already the biggest 2021 TV show in the world. Last weekend, a pop-up shop opened in Paris selling Squid Game merch, which witnessed people queueing for seven hours to buy masks and play some of the games featured on the show. Without the ‘eliminations’, obviously.

Although it’ll come as no surprise, it’s probably worth my mentioning that the “Guard’s” suit of black mask emblazoned with a white shape, paired the red belted boiler suit and gloves, is this Halloween’s MUST-HAVE costume. Go to Amazon and type in “Squid game costume” and you’ll see. 

But this is a fashion blog, so I wanted to talk about one of the stars of the show and her phenomenal career as a catwalk fashion model.

Squid Game actress HoYeon Jung wowed the crowd at Paris Fashion Week, and Vogue have just dubbed her ‘Korea’s next top model’. She is one of the most IN DEMAND models on the planet following the MASSIVE success of Squid Game. She is currently known as the world’s current ‘It’ girl.

The South Korean breakout star, 27, is now the country’s most popular actress on Instagram with over 20 million followers (she gained 10 million in a week), most of whom jumped on board in the wake of Netflix hit.

She began her career at age 16 as a freelance model and walked in Seoul Fashion Week shows for two years before appearing on the fourth season of Korea’s Next Top Model in 2013, on which she was a finalist. 

She signed with ESteem Models in 2012 and dyed her hair a “fiery” red color, which became her signature look.

She made her international runway debut in September 2016 at New York Fashion Week. Shortly after, she walked in shows for Marc JacobsAlberta FerrettiMax Mara, and Fendi; appeared in Harper’s BazaarLove, and W; and was featured in campaigns for Sephora and Gap.[10][11] In 2017, she made her Paris Fashion Week runway debut as an exclusive model for Louis Vuitton.[12] In September 2018, Models.com named Jung as on their list of the top 50 models.

While working as a model, Jung became known by designers as the “red-haired Asian”. Vogue‘s Monica Kim called her “one of Seoul’s top modeling talents” in 2015. As of October 2021, she is the third most-followed South Korean actress on Instagram with over 20 million followers.

It won’t come as a surprise that Louis Vuitton, a label she’s walked for since 2017, has snapped her up as a global ambassador, joining the likes K-pop superstars BTS. Marking the announcement, Jung said: ‘It is an honour to start my acting career along with Louis Vuitton, the brand I have long modelled for. I look forward to all the moments with Louis Vuitton as a global ambassador.’

I googled her, and her many appearances on the catwalk, and yes indeed, she is jaw droppingly beautiful. I absolutely love her red hair and freckles. 

Call me a bandwagon jumper, but I’m suddenly all about Korean culture. I’ve just booked a table at the local Korean BBQ to kick start my new obsession. Kimchi at the ready. Now where’s that freckle pencil…?