… a word from Amanda

Greetings Zipsters and welcome to the end of June. We should’ve been enjoying our ‘freedom’ this week but that’s on hold for another month. It was my birthday on Monday 21st which softened the blow, although I spent half the day in the dentist’s chair. One other huge significance to 21st June is that this is the launch of the ‘Summer Sales’ and this week I have found the very best bargains for all the guys out there. Next week, I’ll have some girlie finds for you.

As we have July 19th to look forward to now, I thought we should start thinking about festivals and of course, the customary festie hat. I mentioned my friend Lisa Negus a couple of weeks ago and her label ‘Hippy Chic Boutique‘ – the most amazing collection of festive headwear I’ve ever seen. I grabbed five minutes with her to discuss the roots of her collection and how it all began….

Hippy Chic Boutique

LISA: “So started making cowboy hats  to wear at Ibiza’a Ocean Beach Club to go with an outfit I would be wearing. People were always complimenting me on this so I decided to create a Facebook page featuring my designs.

I was then contacted by friends asking me to make them their own hats so decided to launch a little sideline business. This soon escalated into lots of other people requesting and following my page. 
People would send pics of outfits they were wearing , I would simply match the hat. 
I then went into making feather headresses for festivals . Again, lots of different colours . 
I wanted to branch out to men too, so decided to add my designs to Top Hats and Trilby hats. 
Then came the Captains Hats, which are now probably my top sellers. Customers advise me on colours and I have also made sun visors and Pork Pie hats. 
I never plan my work. I sit with a blank hat along with my extensive collection of jewels and accessories and just get a ‘feel for it’.
I have just started making accessories to go with the hats I make. These include swimwear, beach bags, flip flops , clutch bags , bum bags and sunglasses. 
I would say my biggest customers are those on the party scene, including many a DJ. I’m hoping to make more cowboy hats when our holidays eventually start. Hope to get my work into boutiques this year.”

Check out Lisa Negus and Hippy Chic Boutique on Facebook and Instagram.