… a word from Amanda

It may be a little premature to assume that summer has permanently arrived, but this bank holiday weekend is looking really good compared to the nightmare weather we’ve been experiencing of late, here in the UK.

So maybe a BBQ in the garden this weekend is in order, or a trip to the zoo, or even just a stroll through the park with an ice cream?

Here’s a question.

What’s the most iconic ice lolly? Perhaps you’re partial to a Mini Milk, or you’re a diehard Twister fan. In the world of fashion design, however, it’s the classic Fab that reigns supreme. That’s according to high fashion hatmakers Bundle MacLaren Millinery, who have created a fascinator that mimics the sections of strawberry ice cream, hundreds and thousands etc.

The ‘hand-carved foam lolly’ has a beaded topping and is covered in Orissa silk, justifying the £225 price tag at John Lewis. One thing to note: the faux lolly does have a bite missing. The designers reckon it’s the perfect option for going to the races or a wedding this summer, but I’d be donning it for every barbecue, trip to the zoo or stroll in the park.

Yes, £225 might be a bit much to spend on a hair accessory, but you could always take inspiration from the design and create a DIY version. To be clear – don’t just stick a Fab ice lolly to your head. It will melt, and your hair will get sticky. Even worse with a Magnum.

It’s clearly proved popular, as the item is currently sold out on the John Lewis website. Here’s hoping this micro-trend trickles down to more affordable high street retailers. I’d like to see ASOS selling Solero, Feast, and Calippo hairclips in time for summer.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend in the sunshine.