… A Rant From Amanda

Welcome to this week’s instalment of Amanda Zips It Up. Starting with a rant.

Just when we were all getting used to ‘normal’ sizes being the thing, the fashion industry is trying to make heroin chic happen again. Thanks to a general “90s revival.”

OK, I accept that ultra low-rise jeans are back. I accept that eyebrows will be plucked to within an inch of their lives again, I’ll even welcome Lindsay Lohan back with open arms.

But if the fashion industry thinks it can force the 90s’ worst idea on us again – emaciated “all skin and bones” Heroin Chic – then it can eff right off.

They are definitely trying. First, The Insider magazine proclaimed that the fashion world is embracing heroin chic again, then The Sydney Morning Herald demanded that we don’t call it “heroin chic”, before explicitly calling it just that.  Now it’s the New York Post trumpeting the end of bums – “Bye-bye booty” – Heroin chic is back

The Kardashians are getting bum reductions! Bella Hadid’s hip bones were at Fashion Week! 

Body types “trending” is just such an outmoded way of thinking. Obsessing about near skeletal thinness, concave stomachs and protruding ribs and hip bones with hollow cheeks that really make those cheek bones pop. Give me a break.

The unhealthy love child of grunge and capitalism, 90s heroin chic turned beautiful, often very young, women into human coat hangers to dress skimpy outfits on. In other words, it was dodgy as hell then, and it’s still dodgy as hell now.