2022 Upcoming Trends


2022 is all about the “anything-goes mood of now.” In other words, you can be as wild and adventurous as you like. Or as basic as you want to be. Tik Tok will set the trends and only the coolest Depop sellers will provide the clobber.

2022 Colours to look out for: Bold brights are here to stay, as we continue to embrace fantasy fashion and experiment with eccentric colours and unique prints.

Platforms for All

From platform sandals to platform UGGS to stacked shoes for men.

Rubber Shoes

Cartoon style puddle boots are making a splash in the world of fashion. Brightly coloured and chunky, but ugly as hell.


The year 2000 has come full circle, with diamanté bikinis, bras and knickers worn under blazers – think underwear as outerwear – remember Posh?

Micro minis are back – unfortunately. High wasted denim is out and low-slung denim is back. Tops are cropped to reveal that midriff. Nightmare.

Beauty & Fitness

Guys, you have to opt for the lockdown-inspired buzz cut, with a 2022 twist. Add neon colour – neon greens, pinks and yellows. Imagine your head being attacked by a highlighter pen.

Stick-on Makeup

This year’s make-up will be playful, with stickers, tattoo transfers and face gems. Press-on nails and nail stickers plus eyeliner stickers will be popular.

The ‘Wolf Cut’

As seen on Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus, this hairstyle is a wild mash-up of shaggy waves and the classic mullet. Tik Tok have clocked up 108 million ‘Wolf Cut’ views. Ask for lots of volume up top that tapers towards the ends.

Food & Drink

Robots could be used to cook your eggs at the hotel or flip burgers at fast food joints, as we find a sci-fi solution to staff shortages.

Erotic Eating

With more of us cooking at home, supermarkets are focusing on touch, indulgence and boosting libido. US food company Pearl Butter is behind ORGASM – a cocoa butter spread offering the ultimate sensual experience, including the ingredient ‘horny goat weed. Also, Fude, an Instagram platform created by chef Charlie Max, combines cookery with Nudity. That’s got to be worth a watch.

Pizza Vending Machines

Alongside snacks and drinks, these US machines offer everything from mini bottles of champagne to butcher-cut raw meat. 

Pizza vending machines are already popular in the US. They can cook 10-inch pizzas in brick ovens. There is one such vending machine outside a pub called The Rebellion in West Sussex where you simply select your choice of toppings and voila – five minutes later, it’s ready – all for £8.95.